The home textile industry embraces the Internet and stimulates new vitality in the industry.
Column: Industry dynamics Time:2018-07-23

With the continuous improvement of people's pursuit of quality of life, home textile products as soft decoration occupy an important market position. Today's household textile products are not only to meet the needs of people's daily life, but become an important factor affecting the living environment of the residents. The decorative function of the fashion personality and the function of keeping warm and healthy make it become the new favorite of the home decoration market, and the huge potential of the domestic textile market is "activated".

In recent years, the process of urbanization in China has been promoted in an all-round way. The improvement of housing conditions and the improvement of the consumption level have promoted the upgrading of the consumption of residential soft decoration, which has led to the rapid growth of the consumption demand of household textiles, thus opening a wider space for the consumption of household textile goods market. At the same time, with the development of economic globalization, the demand of foreign markets for Chinese home textile products is increasing day by day, the industry ushered in a good development environment at home and abroad.

However, the high speed development will inevitably face some problems, such as the fierce market competition, product quality, performance, increasing cost and so on are all the problems that home textile enterprises need to solve. Only through constant innovation and innovation, improve the cost-effectiveness of products, and effectively combine consumer demand, can we occupy the new market. Nowadays, in the industry environment, which is constantly upgrading of consumption and competition, brand home textile is rising gradually, creating brand features and personalized products and services to win the market word of mouth.

In the era of rapid development of the Internet, the development model of "Internet + home textile" has effectively connected manufacturers, dealers and consumers to build a direct communication platform for home textile enterprises and consumers. In the view of the people in the industry, "Internet +" is the inevitable trend of the development of the home textile industry in the future.

The home textile industry embraces the Internet and stimulates the new vitality of the industry. It not only reduces the marketing cost of the enterprise, expands the marketing channel, but also brings the new experience of convenient and high quality service to the consumers. The integration of the Internet and the home textile industry is far from this, the far-reaching impact of the Internet will continue, the entire home textile industry market prospects are very broad.


Although the Expo Garden has bright lights, the actual electricity consumption is not very large, which is largely due to the energy-saving characteristics of LED technology. As a new type of solid state light source, LED has the characteristics of small volume, low power consumption, long life, fast response and high reliability. It has been recognized as an important lighting material for energy saving and environmental protection in the world. Guo Yansheng, director of the research center of Shanghai semiconductor lighting engineering technology, introduced the application of such large-scale LED lighting in the Expo Garden, and the efficiency of comprehensive energy saving can reach more than 70%.


Since 2005, Shanghai has started the research and development of LED lighting in World Expo, and accumulated a large number of technical bases, such as semiconductor lighting and architectural night scene art design technology, semiconductor technology and intelligent control, network system integration technology, domestic high-power white LED device scale application technology and so on.


China is now the largest LED application market in the world, and the semiconductor LED lighting is included in the medium and long term development plan of science and technology. There are 7 national semiconductor lighting Industrialization Bases in the country, and Shanghai is one of them. In addition to display and lighting, LED technology has also been applied in fields such as optical medical treatment, seedling cultivation, household products and so on.

Reprinted from China Home Textile Network