Experiential consumption "activates" the traditional home textile industry
Column: Industry dynamics Time:2018-07-24

With the increasing trend of market consumption upgrading, the home textile industry is no exception to be pushed onto the cusp of transformation and transformation. To set foot in the home field, to cooperate with IP, and to make a difference in positioning. How to break the wall? In recent years, many home textile enterprises have made an attempt.


According to the data released by the National Bureau of statistics, 1927 enterprises in the industry in 2017 have achieved 262 billion 604 million yuan in main business income, up 4.76% from the same year, and increased by 1.55 percentage points from the previous year. This means that for the first time since 2015, the industry has bottomed out.


However, it is worth noting that at the end of last month, the more than 1400 square meter evening home textile multi function exhibition hall was officially opened to the outside world; the BESTIF, which has not been in the market for 2 years, has quietly begun the pace of the withdrawal of the cabinet from the various stores.


Industry analysis, in the Internet penetration, consumer upgrading, the new retail era of the industry shuffle pace or speed up, selling life style, from practical to decorative experience consumption is "activating" the traditional home textile.


"Sell home textile" to "sell life style"


In June 22nd, in the 1 floor of the Hisense Plaza in Changsha, the international house of home, the reporter saw that from bed pajamas, bath towel fragrance, table cloth, to men's pipe, nursing supplies, female consumers favoured umbrellas, handmade ornaments and so on.


As a high-end famous home home for a home textile brand, the museum sets up the world's major imported home brands, which covers a series of needs for consumers from bathing to sleep and from home to travel.


In fact, one-stop, platform-based "life hall" is becoming a relatively mature way for traditional home textile brand to explore. The first line brand of home textile industry is trying to widen the management channel through the form of "home library".


From single product to one-stop integrated home and service transformation, from selling home textiles to selling lifestyle. In the form of "experiential" consumption, we should express emotions and skills and pursue high quality, comfort and health. It is not hard to see that the new retail era of home textile industry is coming out.


Popular elements make home textiles "fast"


At the same time, the new retail experience reflects the structural renewal iteration of the middle class, consumer awareness is also changing.


"Like to buy the bill." In the interview, a number of consumers said that in the purchase of home textile products, they are more concerned about the "face value" and "style", but not about the brand, price and other factors.


"In addition to the bedding and home style" matching ", carpets, curtains, sofa sets, cushion and other home textile products should be with the family style, the same style. A post-1990 white-collar woman told reporters that she hoped her carefully built home would not only be comfortable, but also reflect personal taste and fashion value.


In fact, after the 1980s and the post-90s, they are different from the older "pragmatism" shopping habits and consumer psychology, and they have also become the navigation of many home textile enterprises.


"When consumers enter stores, they can freely choose the products they need according to their home decoration styles." "Light fashion home textile" transformation and upgrading, from the store sales, profitability, store rate, purchase rate, customer price and so on to achieve a straight rise in performance, "young consumers are the dominant force, they have a demand for consumer upgrading, so how to retain young people is the most important problem."


In addition, a number of home textiles and "popular theme" to be bundled, and continue to take a number of animation IP authorized, such as the classic cartoon character cherry small balls, small submarine column, and so on. "The main features of the future household textiles must be the diversification of the design elements, the individualization of the style and style, and the fashion of the product design will become one of the incentives to move the consumer." According to an industry insider, some designers of fashion design have turned to the home textile industry.  With the pursuit of popular elements, just-needed, functional products have been unable to define the home textile market, the traditional home textile industry is moving towards fast-paced fashion consumption.


The positioning needs to be clear under the regression line


It is worth mentioning that, under the stimulation of the experience demand, the traditional industry has also begun to face the power of the Internet, when the traditional brands are seeking new space for the surrounding industrial chain.


Some new generation Internet home brands are testing the water with new concepts. For example, in the second half of 2017, the official launch of "Mi Jia You Goods" marked the beginning of the mobile phone hardware millet to sell four sets of bed. In addition, NetEase's strict election, Taobao's heart election, Beijing made and Su Ning poles are... Many Internet giants have entered the food market, offering a selection of business and stores with the "Chinese version of no print" meaning and a new middle - class lifestyle.


However, in the face of the current favorable market development space, to meet the young consumer demand seems not to be the only lesson that industry enterprises need to pay attention to.


"Both quality and appearance are pretty good, but they are much like Muji style." Miss Huang, a media worker who has bought before, said, "At the same price, it is possible to choose a more well-known similar brand."


Thus, consumers' favor of fashion lifestyle has promoted the upgrading and development of the industry model, but it has become the biggest challenge to the transformation of the enterprise by the requirements of the product professionalism and the shackles of getting rid of the homogeneity and popularity.


"With the formation of new consumer people, the demand for the product changes in the future market: fashion is one of the focus of these consumers' attention, and with the change of consumption pattern, it is the primary factor to attract the attention of the consumer to the product." Xu Maoqing believes that the function of the product and the degree of differentiation are very critical. As a family textile brand in the traditional industry, it needs to go out of its own differentiation, rather than to follow it.


Looking forward to future home textiles still have room for promotion


Since 2016, the volume of commercial housing transactions has increased substantially, and the demand for home textiles moving in 2017 has increased. As the commercial housing from the purchase, decoration to the time interval of about one year, so the increase in demand for relocation than commercial housing sales growth has a year delay. Since 2017, the income growth of home textile industry has significantly improved.


Industry insiders believe that in 2018, the concentration of domestic leading brands compared with overseas developed countries is still at a low level, there is still room for improvement in the future. Consumption upgrading is also a long-term trend. After 80 and post-90s generation, the consumer of the new generation has significantly improved the quality of attention and brand influence compared with the previous generation; the lifestyle is also healthier, and the replacement times of the bed products will be significantly increased. After the two child policy, the demand for the baby's home textile will be significantly increased, so the trend of the 2018 industry demand will continue to continue.


Reprinted from China Home Textile Network