2018 red bean home textile red beans Tanabata red season, the nation looks for "the most beautiful bride".
Column:media coverage Time:2018-07-23


In the big talk, the purple fairy said, "my dream lover, he is a hero of the world, I know that one day, he will wear a golden coat, a colorful cloud to marry me." Every girl has a dream of a bride, a dream that one day, wearing a beautiful wedding dress, will be the most beautiful to show their loved ones. In July 13th, HOdo red bean home textile launched the "2018 national looking for the most beautiful bride" network selection.


The aim is to find the most beautiful and confident bride, all new people and new people (85 after 85). The official WeChat will be able to sign up for the most beautiful and confident photo of "double wedding dress". The wedding is the core. The city's search for the most beautiful bride lasted 1 months, and the audition was enlisted as of August 12th.

The most beautiful but married, for the ten li shop red makeup. HOdo red bean home textile launched a new wedding jacquard Suite - Sherin. This suite combines modern and classical techniques, using simple European patterns, making it more suitable for modern home environment. Happy and romantic, but not noble, and the meaning of impregnable love, a lifetime of happiness. Traditional Chinese wedding pattern embroidery, meaning auspicious, a needle line, embroider beautiful life; fabric fine and thick, healthy and environmentally friendly, the use of comfortable, the noble atmosphere of the European pattern, in this cheerful tone, more solemn and magnificent in the happy and elegant, romantic pillow case beautiful pairing flower type, moral good deed. The combination of double, heaven, a pair of warm cushions, exquisite and beautiful, exquisite small pillow, happy warmth, add the spirit and comfort of the bedroom, meaning a "core" meaning, a hundred years of harmony. Give a warm bed product wrapped, promise a future pledge, let lover's hug accompany each night.


Perhaps you are just an ordinary girl, indifferent, quiet, the corners of the corner of the corners of the mouth is the arc is happiness; perhaps your character is hot, straight to go straight, the free and easy is happiness. To speak for happiness is the most beautiful bride. HOdo red bean home textile reinterprets what beauty is under the new age and new environment, guide the correct aesthetic of some people, and let more people redefine what is the most beautiful bride.