HOdo red bean home textile: a red bean lock "sentiment culture"
Column:media coverage Time:2018-07-23

Red beans are born in South China. How many branches are spring in spring? Wish you more to pick, this is the most thought.


In Donggang Town on the outskirts of Wuxi, the seeds of a red bean from a former township enterprise took root, sprouted, strengthened and produced fruits in the spring breeze of reform. In 60 years, this red bean has grown into a towering tree.


Red bean Home Textile Co., Ltd. is one of the red bean Group subsidiary company. Since its establishment, the red bean home textile has continuously promoted the brand construction and realized the transformation and upgrading. It has gradually formed the four major industrial layout of HOdo red bean home textile chain monopoly, electronic commerce, home textile production and small commodity. Over the years, the red bean home textile has won the honor of "ten big environmental textile brands", "China's most popular charm household textiles brand", "the 20 thousand and 100 big new fashion brands" and "the national textile implementation excellence model advanced enterprise". Red bean home textile always adhere to the "quality first", set design, production, sales in one, "affection, love, friendship" as the core of the brand concept, adhere to the "civilian, flat, flat price, flat" market positioning, and actively create "warm, classic, fashion" home textile products. The product covers a full range of home products, including a series of core series, suite series, pillow core series, wedding series, woolen blanket series, mattress series, summer cool series, etc., to meet the one-stop consumption mode of home textiles.

Aim to build love culture and aim at the big market of wedding


Red beans are tangible, and love is an invisible red bean. Love culture is the core of red bean culture, and also the core of HOdo red bean home textile brand culture, and wedding ceremony is the most embodying the culture of love ceremony. HOdo red bean home textile in the specific implementation process to highlight the wedding features, "affection, friendship, love" concept through the product design, the perfect display of the brand image. Among them, the "love" series is the wedding product. It is also the fist product of HOdo red bean home textile and the core competitiveness. Whether the product development line or the terminal's wedding District props series, it highlights the wedding characteristics of HOdo red bean home textile.


HOdo red bean home textile has also attached importance to product research and development, using good products to bring more warm love to people. The color, pattern and subject matter of the red bean home textile products are mainly Chinese classical wedding elements, which are integrated into the aesthetic ideas and feelings of modern people. The traditional elements are displayed in fashion, such as folk paper-cut, Chinese knot, dragon and phoenix patterns, and 100 Zi maps and so on. Home textile is a brand of wedding home textiles with strong national cultural characteristics. It reflects the great "Jubilee" and "love" of life.


Stick to different brand positioning and promote green health products


With the continuous improvement of the material living standard, the consumption of bedding is no longer to meet the basic living needs, but more attention to the integration of life style and aesthetic culture, and the design of bedding, fabric even ecology, health care and other functions have also been put forward. Although the growth mode of most of the domestic bed enterprises is still mainly dependent on the improvement of product quality and the expansion of marketing channels, the difference advantage on many factors, such as quality, culture and fashion based on the brand, is becoming more and more obvious in the competition.


HOdo red bean home textile has always adhered to brand culture and differential positioning. While paying attention to consumer demand, it also constantly innovating products and creating a strong merchandising team. Through market investigation, data analysis and optimization of product SKU architecture, the market is further deepened and the sense of quality and fashion of the products have been raised. In the background of increasingly fierce competition in the industry, green environmental protection has become the trend of the situation regardless of the national policy advocacy level, or from the market demand. It will be one of the key development direction of the home textile industry. At present, we think and practice the concept of green environmental protection, the influence and reputation in the market is increasing, to the society and industry to clear the HOdo red bean home textile positioning and product adjustment. HOdo red bean home textile fabric from nature, color from natural, not only healthy, not only healthy, but also set safety, comfort, fashion in one, each product gives consumers a leisurely holiday, the body and mind is a pure place, in a variety of styles to deduce natural, introverted light life. Good sleep is the source of health. People who struggle to work in the workplace often fail to develop good sleep and rest rules because of the pressure of work and busy day and day. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a good state by obtaining high quality sleep. HOdo red bean home textiles in 2018 spring and summer new products, starting from the extraction of raw materials, the whole process is greatly different and higher than the other similar products on the market, natural environmental fabric and silk rhyme material mix, outline the natural quality of home, dedicated to people to bring oxygen free pressure relaxed sleep. Only by respecting nature and environmental protection, and earnestly thinking of people's interests, can we better achieve our due value.

Brand without culture can not meet the deep experience needs of consumers, brand can not live long-term, brand is not different, there is no characteristic, no characteristics, no advantages, no advantage can not win the development of the market. While the new joint venture mode has been spreading rapidly in the market, it has been approved by more and more investors.


"Love" in the name of "love"


Since ancient times, red beans have been known as the incarnation of love and Acacia. When love has become love and love has become love, love is sublimated to family affection, the red bean home textile is not only one of the essential components of the family, but also has been given the unrestricted love, An Hongdou has been known as the incarnation of love and Acacia since ancient times. Under the vigorous advocacy of the group, Red Bean Home Textile is enthusiastic about charity, and has been carrying out the "thousands of miles of love, warm Yushu" public welfare activities for seven consecutive years.


In the name of the Seventh Festival, the power of love is transmitted. The red bean Festival is launched by the red bean group, which advocates the Chinese Valentine's day. It is also a sign that the red bean group will carry forward the traditional Chinese Cultural Festival in the Seventh Festival. Red bean home textile is also on the road to promote Tanabata. On the seventh eve of last year, the red bean home textile held the "2017 of the city to find the most beautiful bride", in order to find the most beautiful and confident bride, to be "happy", the "most beautiful bride". HOdo red bean home textile reinterprets what beauty is under the new age and new environment, guide the correct aesthetic of some people, and let more people redefine what is the most beautiful bride. In the name of love, spread the brand positioning and publicize the wedding products of red beans and home textiles. At the same time, we will launch several low price promotion activities under different lines, and give back to consumers with love.


The growth of a country's economy must be supported by a strong national culture. Under the impact of a large number of western festivals, it is necessary for the ancient Qixi Festival to return to the life of the contemporary Chinese people, to endow the traditional culture with the characteristics of the times and to develop the cultural productivity. Red bean is the most common thought. This yearning is the love of the family, the hometown, the motherland, and the red bean family spinning. It combines the traditional Chinese love culture with the modern home textile culture, and gives the product a new concept at the same time as the quality of life. The bridges built by red beans are the most loving channels connecting people with people, people and nature, people and society.


Embrace new changes and seek new development


In 2018, it was the year of full implementation of the nineteen spirit of the party and 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up. It was also the key year for the completion of a well-off society in an all-round way and the implementation of the "13th Five-Year" plan. The Chinese economy is more worthy of expectation. The world economy is expected to continue to warm up. China's economic development will shift from high speed growth stage to high quality development stage. For the red bean home textile industry, the new era will start a new journey, we must develop to the high quality development.

In the face of the new situation and opportunities, we will firmly grasp the main direction of the structural reform of the supply side, actively seek for change, closely around the "year of reform and development" of the red bean group, in order to reform and develop the scale performance, promote the quality change with the independent brand, promote the efficiency change with excellent management, and promote the dynamic change with independent innovation, Advance to the high quality development! In order to promote scale performance by changing development, we need to do a large scale, speed up the layout and set up shop quickly. In order to promote quality change with independent brand, we should create a good brand through three aspects, including category positioning, expansion of scale, word of mouth and so on to improve the quality of business. In order to promote efficiency change with excellent management, we should continuously improve the total factor productivity through field management, comprehensive cost management, and self evaluation of outstanding performance. In the aspect of promoting dynamic innovation with independent innovation, we should increase product and service continuously in the aspects of technological innovation, management innovation, business model innovation, marketing model innovation and so on.