Good faith win trust service between beauty
Column:media coverage Time:2018-07-23

Every time we hear the word "good faith", it always feels a bit illusory and abstract, but in fact, "honesty" is not an immortal cloud that is high and unreachable. It is not a wild crane that is hidden in the wilderness and on the other hand. On the contrary, it is a quality of the most ground, like another of our shadow.


"Honesty is the symbol of quality, winning by honesty and winning by faith. To be a service is like being a human being. Wang Jing, Zhenjiang store manager of HOdo red bean home textile, said so. Wang Jing has been a manager for many years and has been seeking to provide customers with the best service to make customers happy and satisfied in red bean home textiles. In 2017, during the golden week of the national day, the business of Zhenjiang was very hot. A guest was careless about the bag (including ID card, 20 thousand yuan cash and a number of bank cards, gold jewellery and other valuable items) lost in the store. Wang Jing, who had been busy for a whole day, was tired of the whole body. The chartered car took more than two hours to deliver the satchel to the customer. In the face of the lost package, the customer was very moved, insisted on paying the car fare, but was rejected by Wang Jing, Wang Jing thought this is a shop chief should do, but also a red bean home textile people should do.


At the beginning of this year, a customer ordered a batch of goods in the shop because it was urgent to catch up with the annual meeting. However, due to weather reasons, Blizzard is frozen and slippery, and logistics is not available. In order to ensure timely delivery does not delay the customer, Wang Jing found a tricycle to the logistics center to pull the goods back, packed up, and took a lot of snow to the customers to send the past, let customers praise more, repeatedly expressed to introduce more relatives and friends to the red bean home textile purchase.