Company profile


The red bean group is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu province. It is one of the 120 pilot enterprises of the State Council to deepen the reform. The only brand strategy implemented by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in Jiangsu is a demonstration enterprise. The company owns thirteen subsidiaries, eighty-five three class enterprises and two branches of New York and Losangeles in the United States, a Kampuchea Industrial Park and more than 30000 employees. The products are related to textile, clothing, rubber, machinery, real estate, biopharmaceutical and other fields.

Red bean Home Textile Co., Ltd. is one of the red bean Group subsidiary company. Since its establishment in 1998, the red bean home textile has continuously promoted the brand construction and realized the transformation and upgrading. It has gradually formed the four major industrial layout of HOdo red bean home textile chain monopoly, electronic commerce, home textile production and small commodity. Over the years, the red bean home textile has won the honor of "ten big environmental textile brands", "China's most popular charm household textiles brand", "the 20 thousand and 100 big new fashion brands" and "the national textile implementation excellence model advanced enterprise". Red bean home textile always adhere to the "quality first", set design, production, sales in one, "affection, love, friendship" as the core of the brand concept, adhere to the "civilian, flat, flat price, flat" market positioning, and actively create "warm, classic, fashion" home textile products. The product covers a full range of home products, including a series of core series, suite series, pillow core series, wedding series, woolen blanket series, mattress series, summer cool series, etc., to meet the one-stop consumption mode of home textiles.

Under the strong support and guidance of the red bean group, red bean home textile has laid a solid backing. Today, Red Bean Home Textiles has become a new representative force of the home textile industry with its brand advantages and fine, professional and institutionalized management advantages. At present, the main products of red bean home textile bedding are middle and high grade products, and the series of products almost include all kinds of home textiles. At present, nearly 1000 retail outlets have been built in 29 provinces, cities, autonomous regions and cities throughout the country. In 1998, the company passed the Jiangsu Quality Assurance Center quality system audit certification, becoming the first home textile industry through quality certification enterprises. In 2004, through the ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 three system integration certification, become the first domestic quality, environment, occupational safety and health management system certification of home textile enterprises.

While relying on brand advantage, red bean home textile set up a professional home textile R & D center in 2005, and has a high quality design team to provide professional services for the enterprises. Now has formed from the pattern design, style design to the overall brand positioning, product image design and marketing planning function of a complete design center. The company's existing 18,000 square meters of home textile workshop, is a set of research and development, production and sales of modern home textile production workshop.

In 2009, the industry evaluation organization selected red bean home textile as the ten major environmental protection textile brands, no matter in color color fastness, formaldehyde content is superior to the national textile standards, to build a "flat, flat, flat, civilian" safe green goods.

In 2010, the HOdo chain monopoly operation center was set up. The product style is the "love, friendship, love" series, in which "love" series is wedding products, but also HOdo red bean home textile fist products, the core competitiveness. Whether the product development line, or the end of the wedding area props series, are thick highlights HOdo red bean home textile wedding characteristics.

In 2013, the new model of home textile joint venture was introduced for the first time.  The supplier carries out the full generation sale of the goods, and the company manages all the trusteeship, and the franchiser only needs to provide the operating place, the operating funds and the deposit of the goods to enjoy the zero risk of investment. It is a model of joint venture with three parties.

HOdo red bean home textile, with 20 years of brand accumulation, independent research and development of the wedding products in 2012 "South China" and "dragon play Phoenix" deeply loved and pursued by consumers, leap for the wedding home textile industry benchmarking. Since the end of 2015, it has a total of 8 million VIP users and 300 mature stores, sharing 30% composite sales annually.

At present, HOdo red bean home textile is transforming and upgrading the chain monopolization at all levels in the whole country. It plays the wealth movement with a brand new alliance mode and provides a healthy, comfortable and warm family life style for the consumers.